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It's been 35 years since Sharon's Death...

Sharon's website haven't put anything on there. I guess they don't want to bring attention to the negative but it's pretty significant because of her popularity.

Did anybody hear about Debra Tate on Good Morning America today?

You'd figure there would be a movie on or something.. The Wrecking Crew.. Hell I'd take Eye of the Devil.

First post

Finally a community for Sharon Tate! I'm Jessica and I've been a Sharon Tate fan for several years now. I've joined this community as both moody & nicotine_alice. I'm glad the focus here isn't on the way she died or the people involved. It's time Sharon got some attention for her life rather than her death. I saw an excellent programme on A&E a few months ago, and it focused almost exclusively on her life and work. Did anyone else happen to catch it? Mia Farrow was interviewed for it, as was Sharon's sister Debra.

What does everyone think of Roman Polanski's life since Sharon's death? I know there's been plenty of controversy and I'd like to hear everyone's opinions.

Also, has anyone here read Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders? It's a flawed book (I don't like the way it's set up as being part biography/part true crime novel), but it's the only Sharon Tate "biography" that I'm aware of. I also have a book of Sharon photography that I ordered off of

So, what's everyone's favourite Sharon film? Valley of the Dolls is probably mine, just because I'm also a big fan of the book...

By the way, lovely photos for the icons. I used this picture as one of my icons for awhile. Her beauty was overwhelming.

Anyway, hope this community picks up some momentum and isn't left laying stagnant!
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